Traditional Print

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UHD Print

With the advent of HD camera, 4K+ video resolution and high-definition TVs, there was possibly a small question mark around digital prints and large-format printing methods. There is undoubtedly a step up in quality from an online printer or high-street print station to one of our pro lab prints: but there is higher rung on the ladder, that of Ultra-High Definition printing.

SGS Studios tries to keep abreast of the latest printing services and printing solutions. Using the best suppliers in the industry, it is no surprise that we have been successful in introducing Ultra-High Definition prints (UHD) to our product portfolio.

What is a UHD Print Anyway?

But what exactly is a UHD print? UHD printing provides a more detailed and effectively an increased DPI print. Our UHD photo prints provide prints with more density, increased colour saturation and colours that ultimately last longer. The sharpness and brightness of the prints are immediately striking, akin to switching from a CRT monitor to a new Apple 4k screen, well nearly.

UHD printing technology is accessible on photo paper using the special Fuji Crystal DP Maxima but is available for our aluminium di-bond, and acrylic mounted prints. The finished product results in a similar if not better, razor-sharp image.

UHD Printing and Customer Value

The price of UHD technology is not as low as a quality print on Fuji Crystal DPII and comes out at a similar price point as a fine art print produced on a large format Inkjet printer, printed on fine art paper. However, if that unique print, is worthy of the “3D” look, that these prints offer, then go right ahead, you will not be sorry you spent that little extra. Once understood the gearshift up in technology, software and the logistical considerations with air-conditioned paper storage, you probably won’t mind reaching into deep pockets for those extra dinars, especially once you see the finished article.

As is always our preference, when you print large, you truly see the quality shine through.