Our Modern Portrait Style


Our modern approach captures the light of the moment. Designed as a less formal portrait capturing real joy, they work perfectly for family and sibling portraits. The lighting keeps your images clean and airy and conjures up feelings of well being and happiness. Monochrome works particularly well for this style of portrait and we include a wardrobe that suits the theme perfectly. We are purposely creative with our camera angles to add energy to these wonderful images, perfect in their simplicity.

Our Classic Portrait Style


Our Classic style pays particular attention to the lighting, aimed to capture the identity and emotion. The eyes are said to be a gateway to the soul and we aim to capture an image that shares an emotion and tells a story. The light parts of the image immediately draw in ones eye and keeping the light on dark composition we achieve the desired effect. One only has to look at the works of Yousef Karsh to understand the impact that a low key well lit image can achieve.

Any Style


Being skilled lighting and posing practitioners coupled with professional image editing skills, provides us with many options. Our hand made canvas backgrounds gives us colour flexibility and texture that would not look out of place in a magazine spread. We engage with you from the start ensuring that our project captures your images in a way that delights you. We like our images to be perceived as art that will adorn your home.



Retouching is an essential part of a professional photo studio. Similar to the old days of the darkroom, images are now corrected and naturally enhanced for presentation digitally, providing a final product that can be enlarged almost without limit, still maintaining the quality necessary for print.

In order to maintain our quality we do not release any images that have not been finished by our professional digital artists. If this comes as a surprise, then we kindly ask to research the skills, experience, patience and time that a professional studio goes to in order to provide your art.

Portrait retouching is charged per image for all sizes. This obviously includes a downloadable digital file without watermark with full usage rights for digital and print.

Watermarked Images


Watermarked images are available to download should the request be made. This provides our clients the opportunity to save the memory of the day. Watermarked images are not licensed or suitable for printing or distribution.



All our photoshoots exclude retouching the images. At SGS Studios we pride ourselves with our finished products, and we hope you see the value in what we do. Our photoshoots are done in complete cooperation with our clients, details of which we discuss prior to the appointment.


Business Portrait


per studio session
  • 60 minutes shooting
  • Multiple Looks
  • Personal Image Gallery


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Fine Art Portrait Most Popular!


per studio session
  • 120 minutes approx
  • Multiple Looks
  • Personal Image Gallery
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Fine Art Group Portraits


per studio session
  • 120 Minues approx
  • Multiple looks
  • personal image gallery
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Professional Retouching


  • Full Pro retouch
  • private cloud storeage
  • multiple sizes

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