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Often times on location, a photographer must be able to adapt to the changing requirements of the customer. One may have the greatest project plan, equipment checklists no end and the perfect people for the job. Then we are tasked with something that we never expected, that is the new focus of attention and something that needs to be delivered no less. Small working spaces, extra sets and dynamic time-frames are all reasons for the project to potentially go pear-shaped.

During our most recent project, we needed to provide some all together different shots. Different insomuch as not your average lighting setup, something to provide that different look.

With limited resources – all the sets were being utilised and all 15 of the Elinchrom lights had already been put to work. Scoping a new location and pulling out a single low end strobe, the team was able to provide a softer feel to the portraits. Getting a little more cinematic in post production and some clever image masking, resulted in some respectable portraits, shot with a single maxed out modelling light and a long lens.

With the ambient light being quite dark, noisy images were more than possible. Thankfully the D850 noise handling rocks.

Here we see Sophia, one of our photographers on the project, testing out the setup before making the first shots. A result that is not bad at all.

The second worked through by Dejan after some clever tricks on location, coupled with the combination of  masking and compositing in post. Who says you need a complex setup to get the shot?

Great project, great result, great team!