Professional Portrait Photography & Retouching

SGS Studios specialises in photographing people. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.
Our fully equipped studio provides a relaxed environment and our experience and attention to detail during the photoshoot and in post processing, truly sets us apart.
Each portrait shoot is so different – from a board of directors to a mother and child. Finding the meaning, the personality of it’s characters, be it real or portrayed, the emotions, the colour design and composition. Truly anticipating expectations and the purpose of the image is most compelling and is truly an endless pursuit. This is what keeps us doing what we do.
SGS Studios has taken the portrait studio out into the field to capture portraits for high volume clients with the same results as a full, individual, studio session. We hope you like the results.

SGS Studios



  • model portfolio

    full image portfolio and presentation products

  • fine art nude photography

    professional and relaxed. male and female photographers

  • romantic occasions

    special portraits for romantic occasions

  • location studio

    expert fully equiped location team

  • family portraits

    indoor/outdoor whatever the feel

  • editorial photography

    expert retouching suitable for any publication

Business & Corporate Portraits 


These days corporate identity is extremely important, I mean, the whole world is online right? The corporate portrait should capture one’s desired self -projection and tell a visual story of our personality to the viewer. Our corporate portraits guarantees satisfaction.

During your session, we will build on the pre-shoot preparation. We will share the images live on a large screen so that we can ensure you are getting the look and feel that you need. We can fine tune the portrait as we go. Most of our images are usable straight from camera, but the efforts put into post processing provides our clients with a magazine quality image.

We know your time is valuable so we offer studio or workplace appointments. We cant cater to single sittings, multiple or groups. For your board of directors or just you, call us to discuss your requirements.

  • emote

  • captivate

  • incandesce

  • portray

  • create

  • light

High Volume Portrait Photography

High quality portraits for high volume clients


Studios has developed one of the most competitive and quality orientated workflows in the niche of high volume portraiture. We provide a service that goes beyond the expected and is recognised by those with a discerning eye for quality portrait photography.

Our processes greatly assist our clients, that often require hundreds and sometimes thousands of portrait sittings. We offer our services with minimal lead times from our studios in Canton Vaud, Switzerland and we are fully mobile throughout Europe.
We offer a streamlined photoshoot, with back-office systems that ensure the images are available to the right individual, in the right quality and presented in the right way, every time. We offer no panacea for the demands of high volume photography; Only the experience, attention to detail and the passion to offer the best.

Producing images for HR systems in digital form, to fine art portraits of your leadership team, framed and printed, we would love to share our solutions with you.



Corporate Projects


Our studio thrives on the variety of challenges that are faced during large editorial assignments and have experience and scalability to deliver your project, both on time and to budget. Our robust team offers not just compelling images but will support your company with your projects with real time support and upmost flexibility. 

Our fully equipped studio can cater to most project requirements. We can guarantee the best equipment will be used on your project – high-end lighting, hand painted backdrops, aerial solutions, film or digital images in multiple formats. Whatever the problem, we will help you to deliver quality.

  • Medium Grey with Vignette
  • Dark Grey Brown
  • Medium Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Blue Grey
  • Hues & Toning
  • that vanity fair look
  • common place, but still fresh, white paper
  • 20ft Canvas
  • Classic Grey
  • Monochrome Retouch
  • Low Key Retouching
  • Christos in Monochrome - Fine Art Portraits Basel
  • professional photographer basel
    Portrait Woman Metal Theme
    woman portrait
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  • editorial photography basel
  • portrait photographer basel
  • Model Portfolio Basel
  • Professional Portrait Photographer Basel
  • editorial rock portrait photography
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  • [:en]warm with a hint of cold[:]
  • Photography Studio Basel
    [:en] Pro Studio Shoot | Model Portfolio | Basel [:]
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  • [:en]graceful[:]
  • Izzy Portrait Basel Studio
  • corporate portrait
    [:de]corporate portrait Basel[:]
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We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop into the studio or contact us during our business hours.

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