Foundations – Fastrack Introduction to DSLR Photography (1 day)

Next Course : Saturday March 18, 2017

Fastrack (1 day) Intro. to DSLR Photography


These day’s digital cameras are available to almost all of us, but how many of us take our cameras out of “automatic mode”. This course is designed to help us to use our cameras to their full extent, exploring the essential technical capabilities.

We aim to make your camera menu fully understandable and give you advice on setting, composition and equipment.

What’s Covered ?

The exposure triangle
Camera modes of Operation
F-stop explained
Light meters and exposure compensation
Ensuring sharp images
Controlling shutter speed
Creative techniques with the triangle
Shooting with a shallow depth of field
Shooting in low light conditions
Mastering white balance
How to use your cameras histogram?
Practical use of fill light
Composition and Colour
Equipment selection – what you really need!
etc etc…

Level – Beginner

Duration – 5 evenings 6pm – 9pm

Prerequisites – DSLR, bridge or advance point and shoot camera

Max Participants : 4-8 person

Price – CHF 180


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