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My name is Stephen, Studio Director at SGS Studios.

We have recently located our business centre to Canton Vaud after 6 years in Basel, and have a growing client base from private business and educational establishments in the region.

Originating from a portrait photography studio, we have become one of the true experts in volume portraiture in Switzerland. We can cater to any sized event and have the experts who can capture emotive images in seconds. But this is just the beginning of our service offering.

In addition to our photography skills, we have essential in-house competencies in digital art and informatics. These additional skills provide the bedrock of our company and enable us to give our clients a really expert service from shoot to print.

We like to keep things fun and casual, but I also take our art very seriously in order to deliver the best images and products to our customers.

SGS Studios is not an average volume photography company. We offer our select "brand" of high quality portraiture, something we take pride in producing and something that speaks for itself in terms of quality and attention to detail and we can assist your organisation in the styles you want from your portraits.

One thing we don't forget is our customers. We manage your projects end-to-end, to your specifications, and we create the images and products that resonate your quality mindset and philosophy.

Please find an overview of our services, a portfolio from some of our most recent projects, and a little about our project engagement approach.

Many thanks, and we look forward to presenting our valued services to you!


>Why Choose Us?
  • Real professionals in photography, photo retouching, design and IT
  • High quality lighting and equipment
  • High-end individual retouching
  • Beautiful bespoke painted canvas backgrounds
  • We also have white paper seamless backgrounds
  • Full project management & support for administration
  • Best of breed solution for person identification
  • Top quality print products
  • High resolution downloadable digital files
  • À la carte and package product selection.
  • Private galleries and easy ordering
  • Batch or direct product delivery
  • Publication and book design & print
  • Professional & efficient in all we do
  • Our High Volume Work
    Photography & Retouching
    Studio Portraits
    ...when time is not the issue!
    • Low Key Retouching
    • Monochrome Retouch
    • Classic Grey
    • 20ft Canvas
    • common place, but still fresh, white paper
    • that vanity fair look
    • Hues & Toning
    • Blue Grey
    • Dark Grey
    • Medium Grey
    • Dark Grey Brown
    • Medium Grey with Vignette

    Professional Portrait Photography & Retouching

    SGS Studios specialises in photographing people. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

    Our fully equipped studio provides a relaxed environment and our experience and attention to detail during the photoshoot and in post processing, truly sets us apart.

    We have taken the portrait studio out into the field to capture portraits for high volume clients with the same results as a full, individual, studio session. We think you will like the results.

    SGS Studios

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    Vaud, Switzerland.

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